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Its interesting to see AJ being touted this high. Remember a year ago we had our choice of Gross or AJ. Some of the NFL types rate Gross quite high and he appears to be making the move to LT. Looks like we had a safe pick based on what both young men have done. Physically AJ is very impressive, but is he really that good? It will be interesting to see what happens this year. Will David really have the O-line that allows him to seek out his targets? Can AJ handle the missels fired at him? How well will the other receivers handle the ball? All interesting questions to be answered when the training camp starts. Once again it seems like our team is quietly preparing itself for the upcoming season. The words out of David seem to indicate the team may have some lofty goals like some of us have. I like the spirit of not wanting to be average. Its amazing what an additional 2 or 3 seconds means to an NFL QB. How effective will the new line blocking schemes be? How good will our defensive unit be? I think we feel very positive about all of these questions, but answers are going to be hard to come by until we see our team perform in the preseason games. Even then, its hard to sometimes determine what the team is doing with a particular preseason game. May be it won't be until the 1st game of the season that we have an idea of what our team is going to be. DD certainly had a very good first year. I think his second year is going to be a function of how well our receivers do. I think that, because it was obvious we went to DD at the end of the season. He is now the target of every team. The word out on the street will be stop DD and you stop the Texans. However, if they have to worry about our receivers and DD, then we become a nightmare to defend. A factor not often talked about is our kicking game. We have a good one, and if Carr can get us a little closer on average, then we are going to put a lot of pressure on the other team. All in all, I think this could be a very interesting year and I think we could surprise a lot of people. I like the talk I'm hearing out of the players at the mini camps. They are very positive. Oh, bye the way, shouldn't DD be on the list?
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