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Default Re: Sage want a chance to be a starter.

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OK you might be able to win with a guy who is a notch above game manager. But if your goal is a superbowl, well that's probably not going to happen. The fact that you can name the last two game managers to win a superbowl should tell you something.

IMHO Sage is Commander Cody the second. He's a guy who has great leadership abilities and can put it all together for short spurts of time, but if he sees extended PT his weaknesses will be exposed. For Carlson it was small hands. For Sage its poor decision making and inaccurate passes.

I don't disagree with you.

I'm a Matt Schaub fan....I'm saying that I think Sage doesn't have the potential Matt does...


Sage's potential = notch or two above game manager

Matt's potential = playmaker
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