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I have already stated that the shorter routes can be run out of a "disguised" run off the ZBS.

Anything from a quick dump pass to the flat, a screen pass, a QB roll out with one WR running a timing pattern, a naked bootleg (which can lead to a long pass play), etc.

The only thing I'm discussing here is the drop back pass.
All the defenders that anyone of our O-lineman met just happen to be in the flow of the blocking train. And if they "bite" the run fake, there shouldn't be any defensive stunting to speak of.

Honestly I have no idea what you are trying to say in this post...

A stunt is done immediately at the snap of the ball...

Whether it's run or pass really has nothing to do with it...

When defenders stunt they aren't really reading...They are just attacking gaps trying to get penetration...
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