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1. I would assume that the flow of the O-linemen more often will be to the weak side (the left), so that our TE on the strong side (the opposite side) can pick up the LDE. If we have the FB in there, he could help, or he could take on any extra defender close to the LOS on the strong side.
-Most of the time the QB will be faking the run one way and then rolling out to the other.

-If they are run faking to the right everyone will be initially stepping to the right.

-If the TE stays in to block instead of going out on a route he'll probably be helping out with the DE rather than being responsible for him.

In this scheme you really can't say who is responsible for who because defenders are not simulated beings. They move and in the ZBS you don't really chase defenders. If a D-lineman stunts or slants or the defense does some kind of blitz, the linemen's steps and technique should allow the puzzle pieces to fall in place.

It's kinda hard to explain, but not really....
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