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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
Yes, I'm from Fresno and have watched Berrian and Carr play together.
The same goes for me (small world, eh?) and like Ibar_Harry I was hoping the two could hook up in Houston. It could still happen; for one reason or another Berrian might not be successful in Chicago.

As I've attended Bulldogs games over the years I've seen players that were simply on another level. Marshall Faulk. Randall Cunningham (although we abused him). Henry Ellard and Stephon Paige. Lorenzo Neal. Trent Dilfer. Billy Volek. David Carr. Bernard Berrian was the same; when the ball was in his hands you held your breath. He has NFL-caliber moves, runs great routes and catches everything.

Oh well.

The good news for the Texans is that it seems we've filled our greatest defensive needs in the draft, which can only help our offense. It's going to be nice to have a CB with afterburners who likes to hit, and I'm getting good vibes from the Jason Babin pick, although it was costly. The Texans really wanted that guy and I think we'll understand why in 2004.

Andre Johnson is a stud WR who will only improve, Gaffney is a decent possession receiver and Bradford is a home run threat. We have a virtual plethora of tight ends and in the offensive backfield we have a young stud who has proven himself already and a speedster with a huge upside. I haven't come even close to giving up on Tony Hollings.

I wish the season could start tomorrow.
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