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I wonder if that speaks well of Emmitt or poorly of the RB corps of the Cards? I suspect a bit of both, but in either case it doesn't bode well for resurgence of the Cards.

Maybe Emmitt has something left in the tank, I doubt it. I used to love watching #22 take the hand off and break for daylight. I can't stand to see it anymore. I was glad for Emmitt when he reached the plateau that Sweetness had set, I still thought it was slightly marred by the fact that he appeared to hang on that last season performing at an obviously eroded level just to break the record. I believed that he could walk away a champion once he had done that, I was wrong. I hated watching him suit up in a red jersey and be willingly used as a ticket draw scam.

I can't help but to look at how Peyton and Sanders left the men. My respect grows for Sanders when I remember how he left on top and on his terms, Barry could have played well for maybe 3 more seasons but he knew when and how to walk away
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