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Never once I have doubted Charley Casserly and the front office in what they were trying to accomplish here. Now I do.

I would love to see a player with the caliber of Orlando Pace playing LT, actually just playing for the Texans. If we brought him in here, he would arguably be the best player on the rooster. What I am worried about is what the future would hold.

We have Seth Wand. In two years here and one starting, he has shown promise. Yes he didn't look great, and yes there is questions if he is the guy. But he shows promise and why would you bump a guy down on the depth charts for good if he is still developing and can become a solid starter?

Orlando Pace will come at no prutty price, in more ways than one. He will want a contract probably around $7.5 mil a year if not more. Now if I remember right we just gave Greenwood a contract worth what $22.5 over 4 years? We really don't have that much money to spend, and with this big contract that Pace would cost us, I don't see us making any moves in FA for the next few years without resturcting contracts and what not. Do we really want to go down that road?

I think you guys are getting this wrong--the Texans plan is to have him sign with the Rams first, and then be traded to the Texans. The Texans will sign no offer sheet. It would be foolish to trade away two first round draft picks. But the Rams are making it clear they want at least ONE first rounder, and we seem to be excepting that. What else they want I don't know, but I'm guessing at least another draft pick maybe our second 3rd or a 4th or 5th, and then maybe we could throw in Jamie Sharper because they are hurting in the LB corps.

I'm not worried about giving up Sharper or maybe another player, but I'm worried about the draft picks, especially if they want 2. Chasserly always has said "we build from the draft". They could be throwing this year's draft and a draft pick they once had in Seth Wand who hasn't had enough time to develop away. So much for that.

McNair said at the beginning of the offseason he wanted to fix this OL and he would go in great strides to do so. I'm starting to understand what he meant, but if you want to fix the OLine, LT is not the biggest problem or priority. Go out and find us a better center or a reliable RG and then we can start talking about LT.

I would love to see Orlando Pace here, he could be the missing peice to our offense and really give it a spark. I'm just convinced he will hurt us and the development of this team in the longrun.
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