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i just cant see it. i always saw the texans as a hard working blue collar kinda team (excuse the obvious cliches). i can understand giving bigish contracts to young, rising players (greenwood, r.smith) and i like bringing in veterans like breuner for the minimum, but i just dont see this team as in need of a "star" - read huge cap hit - lineman. we already overpay 3 of our 5 starters on the line, so why pay big for another? since when did we become a team thats one player away from a championship?

how much do the Pats pay their line? nothing. and theyre the best team in the league. now i realise that brady has a much quicker release, but still. the guy went down what, 20 times last year? there's good line play there. solid players who know the scheme. give the line another year. by all means draft a tackle at 13 and a centre in the 2nd/3rd, but dont rush and give up picks for a selfish, albeit superb, player.

when was the last time anyone heard the words 'orlando pace' and 'team player' or 'good locker room influence' in the same sentence. those are the players i want my team to be associated with. okay, he's a superb player. but i want a great team.

could we convince mcnair (bob) to give scott pioli a similar contract to the one they're offering Pace? it wouldnt count on the salary cap, and i'll guarantee success for years.

any thoughts?
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