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Default Re: Sporting News says "Mario's a 'Hit'"

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
speaking of Brink-

what everyone here has lost in translation is how to build a team in the salary cap era (at least two more years). this is something I failed to consider when they picked Mario Williams. A big time RDE on the free agent market is a hot commodity requiring millions to sign. just look at this last draft where premeir defensive linemen litter'ed the top 10 picks. Mario was a cornerstone pick not the sexy pick to build a franchise around. good move.

regarding Brink, I would rather invest minimal in the QB position to develop a prospect than pay one 60-70 million like Atlanta did for Matt Ryan. Doesn't hurt my appreication for Alex Brink to make this team longterm either since we graduated from the same High School
Another reason I'm glad they didn't take Mendenhall. I'd rather they invest the money in OT than RB.
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