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Originally Posted by Alan66Rams
Martz now has Jackson to hammer the ball so may actually pass less and thats why I think this may benifit both teams.

What you guys think?
I don't think Martz is capable of "hammering the ball". He has to fit in his nifty plays. I also came up with a new coach for teams. It is the time management coach. His duties are to:
1. Keep track of timeouts
2. Assist head coach on when to use the red flag
3. Give advice on 2-minute drills
4. Advise when to use on-side kicks and when not to
5. Assist coach on when to take a 2 pt. conversion, an intensional safety, etc.

I think Andy Reid and Mike Martz would need to be the first two to hire one of these.

This is a good trade for the Texans. I think it might be good for the Rams to move on from Pace too.
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