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Default On Pace

Oh to be young again!

As most of us long time Ram fans know our history and drama run deep.
From winning 7 straight division titles in the 70s' w/out a ring, to having the best runner of his time Texan, Eric Dickerson, stupidly shipped out of town.
To watching a bumbling owner pack up the team and move them to the mid-west, all the while knowing this owner is only the owner because her husband died, mysteriously died. Thats not to mention having the league turnning a blind eye to defensive holding of recievers starting with Super Bowl 36. AKA 9/11 PATRIOT-IC Bowl. Oh the Drama.

Anyways that might help to explain some of our fans negative attitude on O Pace. Yes Orlando played sub-par last year at times, but so did the whole team. It definately seemed like Orlando was playing not to get hurt and end any chances at getting that long term contract. When he was motivated, like when he had to face former teammate Grant Wistrom he played exceptional.

The motivation for the Texans I am sure is increased by the difficulty young tackles have in this league. Jackie Slater not only didn't play much or start as a rookie, he used to get abused in practice by Jack Youngblood when he was a rookie. Even with all the hype these days leading up to the draft, the top O-Line prospects have not stepped right in and dominated. Even Robert Gallery, Jordan Gross and Eric Stienbach, three much better prospects than any tackle this year, played average at best. Steinbach better than average but that was at Guard. It is my opinion that QB and OT are the hardest positions for a rookie to have immeadiate success at. Then of course there is the Kenyatta Walker fear. The highest rated Tackle coming out four years ago, he flopped....on his face. Thats the Rams dilema if they trade Pace. The Rams have no worthy tackles with Pace gone and will need two vets.

Who at #13 will be available. Probably not DJ, Meriman or Rolle. And Barron, Brown and Barnes probably will need a year to adjust/improve to handle the Pro level DE's and blitzes. Casserly knows he cant lets Carr get pummled again and he needs to put points on the board now. Martz now has Jackson to hammer the ball so may actually pass less and thats why I think this may benifit both teams.

What you guys think?
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