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Originally Posted by wags
I know Delhomme played well last year, but I don't think he's a great QB. I think he has got two stud WR's and a good RB. I'm not saying they should not have resigned him, but five years is a long contract and 38 mil is a lot of cash. He's 29 and has only been a starter for a year. Thoughts?
I wonder what we would say about Tom Brady if he was anywhere else but NE? He was by no means a physical specimen and he got his shot when he was young. No one is ever going to say that Brady can beat with his cannon arm or quicksilver feet...just his smart, effecient play and solid leadership.

Not saying that Jake D is going to be the next BIG THING but maybe Delhomme just got his shot when he was older? For that matter no one ever said that Joe Montana wasn't worth the money they paid him because he had Rice and Company as a supporting cast.
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