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First of all, this is an excellent forum. Much better than the POS Rams Forum I'm a regular in. ( We have about ZERO Moderation.

As far as my fellow Rams Fan jermaine133's comments, a player has to have a contract to 'hold out', so - technically, Pace has never done that. Since you will have him long-term, that will not be an issue.

Why would the Rams do this deal? We have holes to fill, too. (I noticed you also have a need for an ORT.) It would be nice to keep OP, and fill all the holes, but it is difficult to always push the right button.

I'd gladly take your #1 pick in 2005 and Mr. Wand.
Originally Posted by jermaine133
HI everyone i am a rams fan, but not a troll. I got word on our message board that there is a possible Trade in the making between your texans and my rams?? who are you all willing to give up for Pace, im just wondering because i can't seem to find any links to the info. AND BY THE WAY..BEWARE, OF WHAT YOU ALL ARE GETTING INTO, PACE HAS HELD US HOSTAGE FOR THE LAST 3 SEASONS...IF YOU DON'T THROW ANY MONEY ON THE TABLE HIS FAT ***** WILL HOLD OUT ON TRAINING CAMP!
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