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I will have to say that the Colts are the top of the heap for the AFC South at the moment. I honestly wonder how long it will take the Manning Salary Cap noose to start cutting the oxygen off though. No matter what kind of coach Tony D is he is going to have a tough time pretty soon when they can't afford to pay any of the folks around Peyton to catch, run, or block.

I wonder what Edgerrin and Harrison's contracts look like and when they are up? That will be pretty telling in the money picture. When you unbalance the cap by spending that high of a percentage on one side of the ball it is going to catch up pretty quick. I don't think it's out of line to say that a lack of defense was the big factor in the colts not going to the big show. I know that many folks think Manning is a choker in the big games, but if their D could have stepped up it may very well have been Colts-Panthers.
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