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I am pretty confident in defense being able regain '02 yr form...possibly better. I understand that there may be some hiccups with Babin and Robinson and the LB corps jockeying around but overall I am willing to say that they will be a competitive defense that will be able to keep games close for the offense.

I am a big Carr believer, BUT this is the year that he is going to have to step up and look into the eyes around that huddle during a 4th quarter final 2 minutes and say, "Get on my back, I'll carry this team to the win" then actually make it happen. I honestly believe that Carr has about the best overall physical package of any QB that's come out since the early 90's. If he can translate that potential to some production and harness assets of Davis and Johnson he is going to have an outstanding year. I agree that good numbers to set the bar at are 60% completion rate, 20/12 td/INTs, and just over 3000 yrds passing. If he hits those marks you can set your watch to DD and AJ having 1000yrd seasons as well.

All that said...yeah, I think he'll get it done.
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