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Default Re: Rick Smith's contract may get extended...

Originally Posted by NitroHonda View Post
I'm under the impression that he's in year two of his contract. At best, he's got one full year to go. Not seven months as Lucky implied. For me to even ask to see at least how our picks are panning out over camp and stuff isn't asking much on waiting before signing Smith to a blockbuster contract which is what I probably want to happen because I'm a huge fan of him. I just want to get a better sampling is all.

If his contract really is up at the end of the year then I can fully understand him being extended at this point in time.
I think regardless of whether the contract ends this calender year or after the 09 draft (which I think is what Lucky was actually implying), it's still too early to see how the picks are actually going to pan out, Mario being the obvious example.

One draft also can't discount the team's upward swing and the work he's done in FA/trades. Can you deny the improvement in the talent level between 06 and now?
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