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Originally Posted by dalemurphy View Post
Yeah, I think the point is, whatever you label C.Taylor, he needs to make this team. If that means he's one of four TBs on the roster and we only have one FB, then fine. With the injury history of Chris Brown and AGreen, they can't cut him loose.

My bet is, if everyone makes it out of camp healthy, Taylor will be one of four HBs on the roster, we'll keep one FB, and, John Abbate will be on the practice squad for insurance.
Perhaps. With the drafting of Slaton, I thought Taylor might be tried at FB again, but more along the lines of a two-back backfield, called Pony or Rocket in this article:

Offenses building backfield packages to challenge defenses
"We have the players to utilize a pony backfield package now, and we know the threat of the reverse by the speed back off the inside zone play and even a QB bootleg will hold the outside defenders and give us a front we can block to keep the running game moving down the field," said one head coach. "If teams still commit to the run then we feel our speed back gets the matchup we will take advantage of in the passing game."

IIRC most of our bootlegs last year came from one-back sets. A lot of teams had a DE spy on Schaub, and snifffed it out. Now imagine Slaton + whoever back there, with Slaton rolling out to the same side as Schaub or immediately going into a route. If the D were in man coverage, the WLB would have to pick through trash to cover Slaton. If they play zone, he'd be one-on-one with a DE. In either case, the spy couldn't zero in on Schaub. There are a lot of other scenarios - Slaton in motion, etc.

Technically, the second back would be lining up as a FB, although he'd be utilized as a TB. I guess that would apply to anyone lining up with Slaton.
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