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Default Re: insite into Zone Blocking Scheme

The initial ground gained on a run play is due to penetration of the O-line, then usually a LB or DL makes an initial head on hit and if the RB gets past the first guy any tackle from that point on is made on the backside of the play or from the flanks of the RB. In ZBS, a good cut-block can turn those pursuers into running lanes. The O-lineman sees the LB out in space on the backside and throws himself in his path taking him out of the play and that now leaves a lane for the RB to cut into and gain an additional 4 to 6 yards or more. In a traditional power blocking scheme, the RB would have been alone at that spot and if he lacked the speed and agility to evade the LB, his run would have stopped there. I hope I made some sense.

the big benefit of completely taking the guy out is, if a guy was just being blocked, The RB would still have to work "around" the blocker to get by, kinda like a pick. But if the guy is takin out of the play its much quicker cut and the defender can no longer reach around the blocker to take down the RB. He cuts directly in front of where the guy went down, in that empty space.
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