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Default Re: Slaton looks to impress in mini-camp

Originally Posted by Texans_Chick View Post
1. It is early
2. Practice IS important to Kubiak as far as trust goes. What he sees as preparing like a pro prepares.
3. It is early
4. Really early
5. It's my belief that sometimes bad things are actually good things. That sometimes a rough start is a good thing because young players learn from making mistakes. In general, learning is about screwing up. You can be told not to do something but screwing up really makes an impression. Think of your worst screwups, sports or otherwise. It's the difference between intellectually knowing something and knowing something in your heart.
6. It is really early.
Darius Walker = Poster boy for your quote, including points 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.
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