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I read or wathced something that commented on Meyers being small, I think it was Mclain on the fish wrap online. I saw some of the vids on the main site that showed Meyers taking snaps and he doesnt look 300 lbs to me. The guy looked small. I believe Mclain also said that he made up for size with movement and technique.

Again I think this was Mclain.. Weaver supposedly droped 10-15 lbs in order to be a better pass rusher.

Adibi with a tweaked hammy, and Bennet with a twisted ankle. Hopefully this isnt a trend for the season.

A better Mario!? I cant wait to see him open up some more this year.

One of the vids from the main site showed Spencer taking RG snaps with the 1st team I think.

I wouldnt buy too much into Brown taking all the snaps. If he is the better player he will start the season if not it will be Salaam. I think Salaam did a good job last year, he played hurt some but showed up when needed. Brown is the future though and he will get his reps. Its actually a good scenario, Salaam doesnt get worn out early if we need him and Brown gets reps he needs to play later.

Just some of my observations and thoughts from the news from the mini.
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