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Default Re: Gibbs attitude?

I agree 100%! But, my question isn't the line as one and how he developed the lines in KC, Denver, or Atl. per say. I know he can get the most out of his linemen but, my question is, will this "attitude" allow for any player, water boy, equipment mgr, or ticket taker, to stand up and deliver/protect their field general?

In the case of Winston being held back, where were the other 9 players? I don't mean to come off as me wanting a bunch of "hooligans" (ie. Raiders) but, maybe more passion and fire in their bellies.

Baseball and hockey have "unwritten" codes when one of theirs has been placed on the ground in La-la land and I'm curious, if the Texans, having such quite professionals, do you think the Gibbs "culture" would allow for some retrobution?
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