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Originally Posted by AndreJ
OMG, do you know what i would give to see that. In the 2003 season when we beat Miami on there on field, I cut out an article from Sports Illustrated and Jason Taylor said "On a three step drop you're not going to stop David, all you can do is put your hands up."
Both of you guys make a good point, but you would have to cut the passing playbook basically in half if Carr only were able to take 3 step drops. Plus you would be taking away one of the things that makes AJ so special, his ability to go down field and make the big plays. Now yes it seems like a good idea to do 3 step drops until the line gets better but remember last year all of those posts like "we only through the deep ball twice today" and "we have to try and stretch the field deep", which do make good points, we have to mix it up, 3 step drops, 5 step drops, and 7 step drops.

Oh and if you recall the last game against Cleveland, all Carr did was drop back 3 steps, but the defense was in his face before he could setup. Something has to be done whether its, draft a new player, add a new player, or just better coaching and execution of the players that we have now.
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