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Originally Posted by otisbean View Post
I am a strength and conditioning coach and I have to say I am not a big believer in what Riley does. Machine training is ridiculous. Machine squats not compressing the spine so they are safer - he should read Stuart McGill's material. McGill states it is easier to seriously hurt yourself on a leg press then by doing squats, additionally leg press does little to train hip extension which is the key element to power and speed. Saying you don't like plyometrics is like saying I don't like how the body works - ignorant. Sprinting is a plyometric activity, do you not like that either Riley? The only thing he has said that I would agree with is that strength is the foundation of athletic ability, it is a bit simplified but it is true. I can explain later if anyone is interested - I have to go to work.
Any info or enlightenment, I'd appreciate!
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