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Originally Posted by cadahnic
Our offensive line was coming together, but we overpaid for wade and alot of other players(Greenwood) that will put us in cap situations. We had the opportunity to add a solid lineman to our line. Wand is ok, Pitts is getting much better at guard, McKinney is still solid but becoming inconsistent, Wade is functional when he is not hurt. So hopefully next year Carr will have at least three seconds to throw the ball.

I dont know if you guys realize that the Colts defense will be better and the Jags will have one hell of a pass rush. the Titans are rebuilding so at least we will stomp them. Our real problem is C. Palmer who calls the worst play at the worst time. He has a talent for it. I mean who runs a 5'8" running back three straight times in the redzone when you have two recievers and a tight end that can outjump damn near any corner. In my opinion if we get more aggressive on offense our line will look a hundred times better. I mean three and four step drops and get rid of it would be nice.
OMG, do you know what i would give to see that. In the 2003 season when we beat Miami on there on field, I cut out an article from Sports Illustrated and Jason Taylor said "On a three step drop you're not going to stop David, all you can do is put your hands up."
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