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Default Re: Defensive playbook

I think this all depends on the a) secondary and b) consistent pressure from the front 4. Early in the season we saw a little bit, mid season after we were playing 3rd stringers and new aquired players the def went very bend not break. The last couple of games we saw a bit more agression when the D-Line was playing better and the secondary was starting to come back together.

There was another thread that talked about our def play calling. The one thing that you will almost always see as long as Smith is DC is vanilla def formations with very little movement until the snap. One of the other issues with blitzing besides a weak secondary was just ability and speed. Greenwood and clark were not ideal blitzers, and sending DeMeco in the middle weakened the coverage too much. Corner and S blitzes we out of the question because of the weak secondary.

But to answer your question. Yes. I think we will see more blitzing than last year. Dont expect more than a handfull a game though because that isnt the way Kubes or Smith wants the def to run. We will see more man and press coverage and less zone i think. (I hope cause we sucked in zone coverages last year).
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