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Default Re: The Texanstalk Team on GLB (MMO RPG)

Originally Posted by Hardcore Texan View Post
I sent you a PM on the GLB forum, apologizing for you not getting more carries. I am pretty sure since the admins made the changes to the sim it has effected it somehow. After the screw with the energy levels they gave everyone free flex points as a make up. Since then, the carries dropped off.

Take a look at the message and let me know what you think, we want to get your more involved on special teams too, as KR/PR. We will continue to play with the sub levels and get you in there. Again, I am sorry, it has not been intentional from the coaches. We are striving for equal playing time as possible.
Originally Posted by dc_txtech View Post
I don't know if you read the GLB forum, but your lack of carries has been noticed and they are trying to fix it.

Cool...Sounds good......

I can't access GLB here at work, but thanks for the heads up...

Will check when I get home...

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