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Default Re: The Texanstalk Team on GLB (MMO RPG)

Originally Posted by vtech9 View Post
Why was your energy only back up to 85 before the game?

You can regain 30 energy by training on relaxed two days in a row, and you can regain 36 energy by training on relaxed with your focus set to "none".
Originally Posted by San Antonio Texan View Post
It was due to energy, the other running backs were at 100% and the way we had the subtitution rate set up , your energy probally kept you out.
It cost me $1,000 dollars a day to train at high intensity....

I don't make that kind of jack....

Suffice it to say my training intensity is pretty much always set to low...occasionally moderate....

No carries in the last game either....Doesn't bother me though because we won...
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