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Yes, I'm from Fresno and have watched Berrian and Carr play together. Again people forget that Berrian caught 25% of the passes thrown by Carr in his senior year. I think Berrian made Carr as much as Carr made Berrian. I believe Berrian, if he is healthy, is going to surprise a lot of people. He could be a Jerry Rice. He has tremendous hands and Kattie bar the door if there is any day light. Carr and Berrian had the Manning-Harrison type connection. The injury Berrian suffered in his original senior year could be the deciding factor. You have to have hands to recieve from Carr and I think that's why he likes Miller. Berrian was also an excellent route runner and that is another big factor for someone who throws missles like Carr. You have to be where the ball is going to be thrown. I think Carr is sufferning much like Elway in his 1st few years until they got some receivers with hands and Elway learned to finally take a little off of the ball. It has been stated that Harrison and Manning spend a lot of practice time together and I can believe it. It certainly has paid off for them.
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