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Default Re: Texans "PSL MarketPlace"

Originally Posted by pearland View Post
DO NOT BE FOOLED. It's all smoke and mirrors. is a TICKET BROKER that started the site since he was selling PSLs. He had several PSLs for sale and he wanted an web site to list them. Since there isn't a web site out there that lists PSL$, he started his own. He soon began to put a more professional look on his idea and pitched the idea to the Texans. And, of course, the Texans aGREED $ince their wa$ profit $haring involved. The rumor is that you will no longer see ANY PSLs sold by the Texans ticket office to the public. Since the SELLER can be anonymous, I am told that HOUSTON TEXANS STAFF will be buying up all the available PSLS and reselling them themselves through .. thus the reason the HOUSTON TEXANS TICKET DEPARTMENT is STRONGLY in favor of

The guy that runs/owns buys PSLs and resells them on his own site. If someone wished to sell their PSLs at face value, they will never get listed. The guy that owns just buys them, and them lists them himself.

Stubhub is nothing but a front for ticket brokers. I was told that over 90% of the tickets for the texans listed on stubhub belong to brokers. stubhub markets the misleading idea 'buy and sell from season ticket holders' giving the buyer the false impress that they are not contributing to the ticket broker industry (which is what they are doing). Stubhub charges the ticket borker 15%, and charges the buyer 10%. Stubhub gets 25% for marketing. Stubhub shares a percentage of these sells with the Texans.

If you find tickets on Stubuhub that you are happy with the price or if you find PSL$ on that are what you wish to pay, that is great. But, realize that is doing something that you can do for yourself. And Stubhub is just helping sell ticket broker's tickets. In both cases, you are giving the Texans AND brokers a cut of everything.
Nice insight. And guess what...when we start having a few playoff bound seasons I can then see the whole stadium requiring PSLs too.
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