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Joppru - Current status: Injured
2004: IR
2003: IR

As a physical speciman he certainly had the skills and talent to be a great TE. Now dont get me wrong - I think he still "Could be" a great TE but the injuries over the last 2 years and the fact he has never played in any of those games for those two years put a whole lot more IF's in his direction at this point. Essentially I feel he has to change some things in his game plan and get himself back to the game of football if he is to ever compete again. The longer time away the harder it will be for him and granted up to this point the staff has shown some faith in him obviously -otherwise he wouldnt still be keeping a roster spot. But honestly if he never plays a down and/or gets injured again in camp or pre-season how long do you think that will continue?Why would they continue to keep him around as a cap hit that never plays. It would be cheaper to cut hi mand put him on the practice squad for that matter as he is not an effective player.

We cant wish Joppru on the field anymore than we could Bosselli when he went thru the same thing. And just like then, there comes a time when the management and coaches have to make a judgement call - IMHO think that time comes this year for Benny. He certainly has the talent, but IMO you dont keep a perrinial injury prone player - it doesnt make good football sense to me nor does it do the guy much good in his long term life. Some guys just cant take the beating at the pro lvl. I hope he can make a believer out of me and a lot of folks by proving he was worth the pick we used on him.

If Benny can get healthy and if he can rehab himself into playing shape and if he can still compete and if he can make it thru a camp and if he can play during the regular season without being injured again he should get a chance to compete for a spot.

But honestly - thats a whole lot of IF's for me.
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