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Default Re: The Texanstalk Team on GLB (MMO RPG)

Originally Posted by RTP2110 View Post
Well, I'm disappointed in our kicker's performance in this last game. He missed back to back FG tries in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Both should be within his range, so I think he needs more training for vision/confidence. Great job by the defense, but in a close game like it was two misses could be critical. I'm focusing more on vision for now. I have to get that at least over 20. I may have to consider an early season level boost. Let's see how tomorrow goes.
I think your confidence is fine where it's at. You do need to get his strength built up. A kicker has to have the leg strength to kick the long ones. I have done some research, and I have seen it suggested that a kicker needs a little speed and agility to increse his leg speed and accuracy. Use your skill points in strength first and then vision next. Try to get your strength up to at least 25 and your vision up to at least 20. Use your daily training on speed.

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