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Originally Posted by TEXANS84 this new? Because I swear he was stopped for the same thing like 6 months ago...

*EDIT* Nevermind...7-7-2004...I was correct.
I looked on ESPN and did a GOOGLE search and could not find anything new. Unless someone can provide a link otherwise, this must be the same story as the charge from last year. As I recall Vick was suspended from the team and school until the 2005 season. He was not even permitted to associate with any of the team members during that period. I remember thinking this was a harsh punishment because in many instances this type of punishment would just send a kid back to the ghetto where he would be exposed to all types of bad influences until the fall season. At least Vick has an older brother who theoretically could provide the financial support and guidance to get through this difficult period. It would be ashame if this were a new charge.
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