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Default Re: Duane Brown = Texans' First Round Choice

Originally Posted by ubecool454 View Post
Now this is a perfect example of why I say we have some of the most pitiful fans in the This guy has to be one of the people that was against the Mario I guess football was gone away from Houston for so long that the fans forgot how to be real back that pick up.
This has changed a bit over the years since Kubs have taken over. In the past, we would have picked Reggie Bush (fan pressure) and just given him the ball every play (a single player savior mentality). Similarly to how we used Hakeem in the 80's - give him the ball every play but failed to put good complintary players around him (until later, of course). We saw this with the Astros as well with Baggs and Biggs. Milk'em as if Baggs would homer us to a Pennant. It doesn't work.

We're following the example of the Spurs/Ravens/Patriots/Broncos method of team building this time around.

And although, we do have a few "overreacting fans." It's not like it used to be. Plus, we have fans that set them straight (we send them to a reeducation program).
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