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Default Re: The Texanstalk Team on GLB (MMO RPG)

Originally Posted by Scooter View Post
no doubt, i've seen it myself. there are a ton of level 1's asking for more than my level 9's on a pro league championship team makes. i feel bad about saying it, but i look forward to almost half of these new teams folding because owners threw billions at level 3 players.

IMO the person means more than the player. we could use a ton of depth, even if it's on special teams (which makes it's fair share of stats). we need a 7+ quarterback, but other than that i'd be very selective on who we accept. we've got the talent - i'd much much rather be a subtle team than a bell ringing "bring out your dead!" type team. the stamina changes arent as bad as i thought they'd be so we wont be in panic mode this season and until we put the numbers together might actually be strong as is. we can be selective - right now we're the second team in USA BBB3, and in less than 40 hours we'll be the top team. that will be our selling point. we dont need players just to play, we want to have players who fit the system (football fans, willing to work towards team goals as a backup or starter or special teamer or any combo, and able to boost, etc). similar to boss's post about a defensive end ... i dont want to see us settle or overpay for a player.
If I go after a LVL 7 QB, he will want to be the starter, and that will push down our board members that own the other QB's. I thought we didn't want to do that.
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