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Default Re: The Texanstalk Team on GLB (MMO RPG)

Originally Posted by Scooter View Post
we'd love to see speedy returning kicks, but we have to keep him on the field at runningback first. special teams is something that we're going to work on for this next game. depending on the feedback in the stamina post on our forum, i'd love to add human players and higher level CPU's to the special teams which would also add to stats. stats dont affect level points, but they obviously look good and as i told hardcore in our special teams discussions, those few yards either way can make a big difference kicking fieldgoals. we absolutely need Speedy to increase his stamina though. we're going to drop substitution levels but we need all starters at 20 stamina or more. i'm going to watch our kick returns and a few other teams' tomorrow because with any luck we can break one off with enough blocking.

i'm not the offensive coordinator, but IMO our primary concern right now is maximizing our rushing attack. vision, strength and stamina for speedy, and all speed for truck.

read the strategy forums folks. EVERYONE should be set to "normal - play intensity". i'll say it again, mind your player ... team strategy is a minority - you control how good your player is in the system. TRAINING INTENSITY should be whatever keeps you at 100% energy for the next game, and for right now everyone should be at NORMAL - PLAY INTENSITY.

it takes 1 minute to make an impact, and no time at all to screw the deal for everyone. for example - if we're throwing everyone at run defense and your linebacker is set to pass defense, the TEAM is in trouble. if we're in a tight man coverage and safe tackling (as now) and your cornerback is trying to force fumbles and jumping interceptions, we're going to give up 50+ yard touchdowns, if we're at 70% rushing and you're pass blocking we're going to see plenty of fumbles. this is why we wanted a team. trust, fun, gaming, and football fanatics. this is us, this is OUR team. we'll post here and there so as not to inconvenience anyone and keep everyone involved.
Hey Scooter, I sent a low offer to a LVL 1 CB that hasn't used any of his skill points yet. If he signs, I told him to contact you on the team forum on where to use his SP's. He already knows he will be a backup, so set him up like you want if he signs).
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