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Default Re: Duane Brown: First Round pick of the Texans

Originally Posted by GuerillaBlack View Post
I don't know. The Texans needed a pick that would really ignite the fanbase. Duane Brown is not it. We will see how this all turns out. I am hoping for the best. Would have liked Mike Jenkins in the back. He was not a reach at 18. The dropoff in CB's is pretty big, too (especially when you don't even have a second).
The Texans can't do anything else at this point to ignite the fanbase except to WIN. No player is going to sell tickets at this point, IMO. If the Texans were a bad team subjected to TV would be a different story. This isn't the Texans of 2 years ago. It's an 8-8 team looking to take the next step by methodically upgrading its talent at each position.
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