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I dont know if Carr and AJ worked together, but if they did I dont think it was a lot. Most Miami Hurricanes go back to the Miami campus to work out for the offseason for some reason. I really dont think a QB and WR can help their connection through the offseason with no defense.

Ibar Harry, are you from Fresno or a Fresno fan? Where would have Berrian played? A return specialist becuase he isnt going to overtake AJ, or Gaff for that matter. The coaching staff has been really high on Derrick Armstrong and the say he should be on the field a whole lot more this season. I really dont see how skipping Berrian to get Babin was a "big mistake." We have 3 good WRs in AJ, Gaff, and Bradford. Four if what they say about Armstrong is true. We didnt have a pass rushing OLB. I cant see how getting a 4th string, 3rd at best, wideout is better then getting a pass rushing OLB.

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