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Default Re: The Texanstalk Team on GLB (MMO RPG)

Originally Posted by dc_txtech View Post
It's a done deal.

What do you guys know about custom equipment? I bought a booster pack for ten bucks and it gave me 1200 flex points (I just couldn't stand being the worst player on the team). It only took 600 for 3 level ups. Since I can only level up once a season I should be able to level up next year from my xp points, I think.

So long story short, should I use my remaining 600 points on some custom equipment or is there a reason that I am not seeing to hold on to my points until later?

BTW, the new season has already started right?
the custom equipment can be used to add up to 6 points of attributes to your player. It's similar to what you would do with your skill points when you level up. With that one piece of equipment you can add a point to any six attributes you want to increase. You could put +2 in strength, +1 in vision, or whatever you wanted. You could even put all 6 in one attribute if you wanted to. The only thing is that it will cost you 100 flex points for each point you add to your attributes. If you think you are weak in a certain area or two. It could really help you out.
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