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"Assuming the Texans don't add another linebacker through free agency or invest a high draft pick on the position, the most likely possibility for a starting four, based on players currently on the roster, would have Greenwood and Kailee Wong at the inside positions and Peek and Jason Babin outside."

Looks like Charlton Thompson agrees with my most likely scenario. I also found this an intriguing possibility (based upon the article) :
We draft a DE that converts to OLB and start Babin, Wong, Greenwood, Erasmus James/Shawne Merriman.

I'm convinced that Foreman is 99% likely to be cut/traded. Sharper is a different matter. I don't think he plans on coming back next year. If that is the case, we might as well get some value for him and trade him.

If Wong moves inside and Greenwood starts next to him, we will have 3 guys starting for the first time in their positions and a 2nd year starter in Babin. A bit green to say the least.
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