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What I find interesting is that Georgia's opponents had a total of 880 plays. Yet they had a combined 1,209 total tackles on defense.

So when I look up and see that they had 3 players with more than 100 tackles a piece, I tend to think the Bulldogs register tackles a bit differently (Sean Jones averaged an amazing 10 tackles per game).

By contrast...

USC - 996 plays, 933 total team tackles
OU - 881 plays, 955 total team tackles
UCLA - 900 plays, 943 total team tackles

Quite a difference don't you think?. Unless of course you feel Georgia fielded the best unit of gang tacklers in the history of Div-1A.

But if you feel Udeze was less productive than Pollack based on Pollack's 2 INTs and 9 PDs, let's break down their stats further...

Udeze - 56 total tackles, 26 TFLs (-137 yards), 16.5 sacks (-115 yards), 5 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 blocked kick

Pollack - 92 total tackles, 13.5 TFLs (-67 yards), 7.5 sacks (-54 yards), 1 forced fumble, 0 fumble recoveries

Interestingly enough, USC doesn't list QBHs. Georgia however...131 total QBHs in 421 passing plays. Almost as amazing as their number of total tackles.

They also must have fielded one of the greatest OL ever as their QB only took 8 QBHs on the season (this is from their official website).

And I realize his numbers were better in '02. I thought him winning the Hendricks last year was deserving. But his '02 season is also why I thought he won it this year as well.
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