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Cool Is Carr Comfortible with any Receiver

on the Texans Team. Miller seems like the best bet. I was hoping we would pick up Berrian, but we gave up that possibility for defense. I'm going to say that that may prove to be a big mistake. There has been not indication that Carr and AJ have been working together in the off season. To develop the Harrison-Manning type connection, you have to work hard together in the off-season. Despite the receivers we have, I think this is a big weakness and it shows in the lack of consistency in the offense. Some of you will take me to task, but I think this is a part of the game you need to keep your eyes on. It takes two to be great in this phase of the game. One player can not do it alone. Hopefully we will hear that AJ and Carr have spent a lot of time together, but as I have stated there doesn't seem to be any such feedback out there indicating that that is taking place.
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