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Originally Posted by done88
Not a hard position to fill because it's based on attitude. All gunners do is open the lanes for everyone else to make the tackle. They look good because they are often the first ones to the ball. However they often don't make the tackle. I believe that gunner is the least of the Texans worries this year. Plus Gunner is the most fun position on the field. Everone like to run full force and level as many blockers as possiable.
I'm confused. Perhaps I've used the wrong expression. I thought the gunners were the outside contain guys on the coverage teams and that Bell and Vaughn were the starters. I thought they had to break a double team, run like a gazelle, breakdown as they approach the returner and maintain contain. How is that easy?

I guess I'm interested in gunners (if that's the right expression) because I think we have good one's and I think it will be difficult to keep them on the roster as we develop guys like Faggins, Ramon Walker, Glen Earl and Jamaal Lord. I don't think we can predict the final secondary positions if we know we've got the gunners covered.
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