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Originally Posted by Fiddy
We dont have the making of a team that pounds the ball. Davis is not a guy that is going to be able to take 20-25 carries a game, neither is Hollings. On the other hand, we have the making of a team that is going to be able to throw the ball. QB with a strong arm and accuracy, a go-to WR that can beat almost anyone, and 2 other good WR, and a RB that can catch the ball out of the backfield. We are not a team that is going to pound the ball, I see us passing especially with the offensive line we have now.
I have been seeing this thought that the RBs currently in the stable aren't going to be able to withstand the physical punishment of the season repeated thru several threads and I was considering posting up one that would discuss this.

First, I think that we need to reserve judgement on DD...yes, he was injured in preseason and dinged late in the season. He has changed his physical build adding somewhere around 15lbs or more of lean mass. Every body, no matter how injury resistant you think they are, goes thru a spell of injuries. There are a lot of folks who believed that LaDanian Tomlinson couldn't withstand the wear and tear (not saying that DD pacing LT...yet!) either. I think we need to play the waiting game on this one, time will tell if DD has the ability to stay injury free.

Second, we have some legit horses on the O-line this year which will be a significant boon to both the run and pass aspects of the game.

Third, we are a run 1st team...the verticle game will follow and probably be much improved as well. I am willing to bet that even if DD or Hollings can't be a 20 carry per game back both of them combined sure will be able to carry the mail 25+ times. I think that we have some great potential on the offensive side of the ball this year and that potential is going to start with the ground attack as long as Capers is setting the intent for the offensive schemes.
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