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Default Re: Contest: A new Titans ten year anniversary logo.

Originally Posted by Texan_Bill View Post
The conversation wasn't about you in particular. It was about those Titans fans who claim they love 'their' team's history. Well 'their' team's history included a bitter rivalry with the Steelers.
I "love" my team. You people love to throw the history of the franchise in our face. Many Titan fans did not follow the team before they moved to Tennessee, and last time I checked they were not handing out history books when they pulled into town. It is really not a big deal. I knew nothing of the Oilers until the team came to Tennessee. Growing up in Savannah didn't give me many chances to keep up with the Oilers. It was Falcons or bust and really nobody cared about them. It is obvious some of you people have a great love and respect for this teams history. Now you have to start over with the Texans. Personally I wish Bud would have left the Oilers name in Houston. You could have kept your name and past(not that you lost it). Would have been better than being called the Texans.......
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