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as of right now i only see two of our lineman as undoubted starters...pitts and wade...if you noticed the majority of our rushing td's in the second half of the season came from behind pitts...wade is about as solid of a RT as you can find in the NFL today...mckinney is average at best in the center position, weigert is hurt constantly it seems and seems to get beat by a decent pass rushing DT half the time, and wand...i'm sorry this guy should not be a starting left tackle in the nfl...a starting left tackle shouldn't need a tight end to help him on pass protection...if you line up a DE with 4.7 speed or lower against wand carr is do i think drafting barron is a good idea for this season no...i think no matter what barron would need about a season to really be able to take over the LT position in the long haul it would be a good pick but not this year...personally i'd rather wait and see how eric winston of miami comes back and target him next year...unfortunately there is no free agent LT out there...we're kinda stuck with what we have...and the coaching staff needs to find more ways to protect carr whether that's having a back chip block on wand's side or just having bruener there to help him
With the 10th overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft the Houston Texans select...?????
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