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Originally Posted by MojoX
The question is whether those linebackers were depended on to perform the same duties as Miami's linebackers. Stop skirting the issue just to be argumentative. Bottomline is that none of us know what Greenwood can do beyond what Miami's coaches asked him to do.

I've know idea what point you were trying to make, so I checked the LB stats for both Atlanta and Buffalo. Lets just say I wasn't impressed.
Which is why I said, YES, BUFFALO AND ATLANTA RAN THE SAME TYPE OF 4-3.I dont know what's so hard about that... Both teams had solid DLines and used the DBs for pass coverage and used the LBs for run stopping, yet both Brooking and Spikes still made plays.

To your second point...hey, if you'll take a guy with 10 or so more tackles and 10 fewer takeaways/sacks, that's your call....I'm willing to be the even casual football fan would choose otherwise.
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