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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Psst, can you say 3-4 vs. 4-3? Can you say $7 mil per year instead of $4 mil. Wasn't saying Greenwood was as good as those guys, just that saying he didn't have enough tackles is dumb. Care to seriously argue that point? Try reading the quote above a post and it will give you a lot better idea on the point being responded to.
Yes, I can say 3-4 vs 4-3, because we are moving a 4-3 linebacker into a 3-4 system. Wanna know something about the majority of those Pro Bowlers?? They also played in 4-3 if they were able to force turnovers or get sacks, why couldnt Greenwood??

7 mill??? Suggs is going to make a base salary of 380k next year. 3.2 mil for Brooking. That Porter guy?? 3.5 Mil. The only LBs who made the Pro Bowl making more than 4 mil are Spikes and Brooks...
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