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Originally Posted by cadahnic
This is a dumbass move by the Texans. I mean they have the opportunity to grab Derrick Johnson in the draft and the money they spent on Greenwood could have went to Kareem McKenzie the offensive tackle that we desperately need. He can also play guard. Greenwood is small and rangy, but he cannot get away from a block and in four years as a starter only last year did he finally get over 100 tackles. A terrible move and a complete reach by the Texans that is the worst move since drafting Babin instead of a big time saftey or OL.
Your right, ship em outta here. They obviously dont know what they are doing so LA can have its franchise!!!! *note blatant sarcasm*

Dude, these people get paid lots of money to make these decisions and Im willing to bet they know more than you do on the subject. Let it play out before we start calling it a bad move.
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