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Originally Posted by SESupergenius
This is going to be yet another very interesting preseason for the linebackers. I'm betting that Peek just isn't cutting it and so they are bringin in guys to fill that void. Wong is a smart player and yes he can cover very well so I think knowing that he is going to be at the ILB spot will give him more time to adjust. He's been the LOLB, ROLB, and ILB in 3 seasons now.
Moving Wong inside is a vote of confidence in Peek as near as I can make it out. Unless you think we're going to start Cheatwood over him, I don't see how it can be anything but.

I'd be really surprised if Greenwood plays OLB for us, except in cases of injury/special situations. My bet is Greenwood is here to replace Foreman and be ILB for us for the next several years and we'll try to draft a replacement for Sharper.
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