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I don't think there is any question he will be an ILB (Foreman's spot) for us.
No way do we ask a 238 pound guy that struggles with blockers to take OTs head on.
I think it will be Babin - Greenwood - Sharper - Peek/Wong next season. Wong will be restructured or released after this season- same with Foreman.

I think it is a good signing. It gives us good speed at ILB, which we were desperate for. It also gives us an ILB that can cover. We were abused repeatedly by our ILB coverage. Fangio's scheme requires lots of coverage from the LB spots and Greenwood perfectly fits this. He's young and about to enter the prime of his career.

After I got over the sticker shock of his contract, it really doesn't look all that bad. After the third year I expect we will restructure.
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